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In North Carolina, a BROKER is defined as a person who is licensed to list, lease, buy, exchange, auction, negotiate, or sell interest in real property for others and to charge a fee for services.

When a BUYER contracts with a firm or broker to locate property and represent his or her interests in the transaction, the buyer is the principal--the Broker's client.

Absent a Buyer's Agency Agreement, all Brokers in the state of North Carolina work, by default, for the Seller.  All Brokers are required to provide written information about Working With Real Estate Agents to potential clients, and they are required to review that information, and receive an acknowledgement from the potential client.  The NC Real Estate Commission requires that Brokers keep a signed or intialed, written copy of this brochure from each client for a period of 3 years.

A Buyer's Agency agreement can be verbal or written, up until the time a client wishes to place an offer, at which point the Buyer's Agency Agreement MUST be put into writing, prior to the submission of an offer.

A REALTOR is a real estate sales person who is a member of the National Association of Realtors, and has agreed to be govered by a strict code of ethics.
A Listing Agreement is a written agreement between a Broker and a Seller that authorizes the Broker to represent the seller's real estate to consumers.

​There are many critical details that need to be managed to ensure that a home is both listed and marketed properly. First is providing Sellers with a thorough overview of what the market is doing at the time of listing, as well as the historical performance of evaluating comps to the listed property. 

I also believe in taking a look at the target market, and seeing at what price points are the most showings happening?  Sometimes small pricing tweaks can enable us to position a home exactly where the market is hungry for inventory.

I revisit this analysis every 4-6 weeks during the home sale process to be sure that your home is priced appropriate to the current market.

There are many factors that influence how a Seller chooses to price a home, and they depend on what is most important to them:
1) PRICE (seller net)
2) TIME (speed vs patience)
3) CONVENIENCE (how available will you make your home to buyers?)

How my Sellers rank these 3 priorities will help determine the best pricing strategy for their home.
I help my clients manage the complex process of closing on a home.

For Buyers or Sellers this means assisting in the following:
  • providing a contract review
  • coordinating with closing attorney
  • ensuring that buyer inspections and appraisals are able to be completed in a timely manner
  • ensuring buyer's financing is approved 
  • negotiating any repairs needed from home inspection 
  • transferring or obtaining home warranty 
  • working with buyer's agent to ensure utilities are transferred
  • attending the closing process.

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